My Creative Process

Songwriting is a very fluid, organic process for me...

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As a songwriter, I'm often asked about my creative process. How do I get inspired
to write a song? Where do the melodies and lyrics come from? Here's a little
glimpse into my world!

I don't have one set way that I write songs. Sometimes a melody will pop into my
head out of nowhere, and I'll record it on my phone so I don't forget it. Other
times, I'll be inspired by a phrase or concept and start writing lyrics first.

I keep a journal with me to jot down song ideas as they come. I find inspiration
from everyday life - a conversation with a friend, an intriguing news story, a
poignant quote I read. I try to observe the world around me and channel my
feelings into songwriting.

Once I have a initial spark of inspiration, I grab my guitar and head to a quiet
space. I'll play around with chord progressions and start trying out different
melody options. I record myself so I can listen back and keep the ideas I like
best. Lyrics usually come last for me. I have pages of individual verses that I
piece together like a puzzle.

Songwriting is a very fluid, organic process for me, not a rigid formula. I follow my
intuition and it leads me down some wonderful creative paths! The most magical
feeling is when a song comes together - the melody, chords, lyrics all align
into something special. Those are the moments every musician lives for.

- Camille