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    Camille & Haley, a talented sisterly duo hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, are a musical force to be reckoned with. Growing up in a family of ten, music was ingrained in their DNA. Their journey began in their teenage years, leading worship in their father's church.


    In March of 2012, the duo experienced an unexpected surge into the national spotlight when they uploaded a music video for their original track "Game On." This catchy tune was not just about music; it was in support of Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum. To their astonishment, the video garnered over 1 million views in just two weeks, captivating audiences far and wide. News outlets from across the spectrum clamored to cover their remarkable story. This led to an incredible opportunity to travel with Santorum, performing their own brand of country music, the National Anthem, and even his campaign theme song across five different states over a five-week period, until Santorum's campaign concluded in April 2012.


    Since then, Camille & Haley have been on a remarkable musical journey. They've graced the stages of numerous venues, from churches and conferences to charities, golf courses, luncheons, fundraisers, and political events. Their performances are known to be a blend of their original compositions and a diverse selection of over 200 popular and classic songs. From Elvis to Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra to The Beatles, the Everly Brothers to Simon & Garfunkel, their repertoire spans the musical spectrum.


    In addition to their musical endeavors, Camille & Haley have lent their voices to important causes. They've composed songs for various charities, individuals, and organizations close to their hearts. Notably, they used their talent to narrate a film shedding light on the issue of sex trafficking in America, featuring their original song "Slavery" on YouTube.


    Camille takes the lead with her soprano vocals, also contributing significantly to their songwriting. Haley complements her sister's voice with her sultry and powerful alto tones, not to mention her invaluable role in editing their songs.


    With five original albums under their belts, including three in the country-pop genre, one in contemporary Christian music, and a heartwarming Christmas album with seven original tracks, Camille & Haley continue to captivate audiences. Their mission goes beyond music; they aim to use their artistry and their lives to make a positive and spiritually uplifting impact on the world.

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  • GIGS

    Meet Camille Harris & Haley Gaglione: A Dynamic Sister Duo

    Camille Harris and Haley Gaglione, hailing from the heart of Tulsa, are not your average musical talents. These sisters are a true force to be reckoned with, possessing a unique ability to craft and perform music that spans genres and captivates hearts. Whether they're in the serene setting of a church sanctuary, delivering their soulful Christian melodies, or gracing the stage at a local community event, belting out their contemporary country tunes, Camille and Haley's unwavering faith and wholesome character shine through. And here's the real charm: their fun-loving nature and delightful personalities are just as genuine offstage as they are under the spotlight.


    A Concert Experience Tailored Just for You

    Wherever you find yourself, Camille & Haley can bring their music to your doorstep. From fairs and festivals to schools, churches, concert halls, youth centers, and even opening for other bands, their versatility knows no bounds. What makes them truly exceptional is their ability to curate their concerts to suit every audience. With an impressive catalog of 5 albums containing songs tailored for all age groups, they ensure that each performance resonates deeply. And if that's not enough, they might throw in a few of their favorite cover songs to keep the energy high.


    An Acoustic Connection

    Camille & Haley create magic with their guitars and ukuleles, either playing along to their pre-recorded soundtracks or going completely acoustic. And don't worry about the technicalities; they've got the sound system covered whenever it's needed.


    A Songbook of Classics

    With an extensive repertoire that now includes over 200 clean popular and classic songs, their concerts are a musical journey through time. Picture 1-4 hour sets filled with their original compositions alongside beloved tunes from legends like Elvis, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, John Denver, The Beatles, The Everly Brothers, Simon & Garfunkel, and the list goes on. There's something for everyone to enjoy.


    Using Music to Make a Difference

    Beyond their extraordinary musical talents, Camille & Haley are committed to making a positive impact on the world. They've lent their voices to raise awareness about sex trafficking in America through a narrated film, featuring their powerful original song "Slavery" on YouTube. Their songs are often inspired by causes, people, and organizations they deeply believe in. With both their lives and music, they aspire to leave a lasting, godly mark on our world.


    So, whether you're seeking a soulful experience, a foot-tapping country vibe, or a mix of the classics, Camille & Haley are here to make your event unforgettable. Book them today, and let the magic of their music light up your world.


    For Gig inquiries call Dave @ (515) 205-4322

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    About Camille Marie

    Personality Type: ENFJ – “The Teacher, The Giver, The Charismatic Leader” Camille is an avid learner and lives to pass along her values and help people find, prepare for, and enter into their God-given calling. She’s the chief songwriter of the band and hopes to write music that motivates positive change. She’s a teacher at heart and plans to enter into motivational speaking, preaching and missions work.

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    About Camille Marie

    Her hobbies include working out, reading, writing, cooking & gardening. You can find her cooking blog @CamilleMeals on Instagram. Her favorite food avocados & almost anything healthy!

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    About Camille Marie

    She has her own blog at www.CamilleHarris.org where she shares the secrets of personal & spiritual growth as she learns them.

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    About Camille Marie

    Personality Type: ISFP – “The Artist, The Adventurer, The Producer” Haley was born for the stage. She’s the 3rd oldest of 8 kids but she still likes to call herself the baby of the family. She’s an easy-going kind of gal, not known to worry or get weighed down by much. She floats through life and charms those closest to her.

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  • Books

    Read All About It

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    Bible In Rhyme by Haley Gaglione

    The Bible in Rhyme is a collection of Bible short story poems from "Creation to Salvation." Including bonus material about colors/months & an extensive glossary, it doubles as school curriculum for English & Bible! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6cmJslbDBI 

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    Pray Along Slavery Prayers

    Pray Along Prayers For Those Suffering In Slavery Around The World

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    31 by Camille Harris

    31 Devotions 31 Proverbs At Age 31

  • Causes

    Standing Strong in Faith and Action

    We proudly embrace our identity as Christian Conservatives, rooted in the firm belief that active participation in politics is not just a choice, but a responsibility. As Christians, we understand that the decisions made by our elected officials impact not only the freedoms of our church but also the future of our beloved nation. To silence our voice in the political arena would be unwise and shortsighted. Our mission is clear: we cannot allow our values to be overshadowed by those who do not honor God and His principles in our land.


    We extend a passionate invitation to all fellow Christians to engage in civic life. This involves not only casting your vote but also dedicating time to understand the happenings in your city and country. It means diving into history, exploring the wisdom of our American founding documents, and studying various government systems, both successful and otherwise. Most importantly, it entails a profound understanding of your own beliefs and learning how to exercise your right to vote effectively.


    Songs That Echo Our Values

    Through our music, we've channeled our beliefs into songs that support politicians who align with our values. In 2012, we composed "Game On" in support of Rick Santorum, a song that garnered a remarkable one million views. In 2020, we released "Keep America Great" to rally behind President Trump, achieving a staggering 33 million views across social media platforms. These songs are our way of standing alongside leaders who share our convictions.


    Faith, Prayer, and Sharing the Gospel

    Above all, we are Christians dedicated to living our lives in a manner that pleases God. We firmly believe that by honoring God as individuals and as a nation, we will witness His divine answers, provisions, healing, and restoration. We enthusiastically encourage daily communion with the Lord, regular prayers, and fasting to keep our hearts aligned with His divine purpose. Attending the house of God is a vital part of our journey.


    Our original song, "If My People," is a testament to our faith, drawing inspiration from the Bible's sacred scriptures and promises. This song, rich in spiritual depth, will be featured on our upcoming Christian album.


    Champions of Life

    We are unwavering advocates for the sanctity of life, firmly believing that life is sacred from the womb to the tomb. No innocent soul deserves the death penalty, and we are committed to the pro-life cause. Our unreleased song, "March for Life," was born from a deep sense of responsibility after watching the movie "Unplanned." We hope this song takes root in people's hearts and emboldens them to join us in finding solutions to this pressing issue.


    Supporting Life Initiatives

    We proudly support "Live Action," the largest Pro-Life organization in America with 5 million followers across social media platforms, including Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube. Their well-crafted and educational videos are instrumental in raising awareness and making a difference in the fight against abortion.


    Combatting Sex Trafficking

    Our hearts ache at the thought of individuals trapped in the horrors of human trafficking, whether it's sex trafficking or forced labor. We've contributed by narrating a documentary on this issue, filmed near Mount Vernon, Ohio. This song was also featured in the film. We believe that music can be a powerful tool to raise awareness and funds to combat this grave injustice that plagues our world.


    Purity and Modesty

    We are committed to writing a song about purity, a topic close to our hearts. Our upbringing instilled in us the value of sexual purity and the wisdom in saving oneself for marriage. This commitment not only honors God but also helps us build meaningful relationships, avoid the pitfalls of STDs, and steer clear of the guilt and separation from God that arises from intentionally breaking His commandments.

    We also advocate for modesty, recognizing that the way we dress can convey a message and reflect our self-respect and reverence for God.


    As you explore our journey and our music, we hope you'll find resonance with our values and join us in making a positive impact in the world. Together, we can stand firm in faith, advocate for life, combat injustice, and uphold the principles that matter most to us as Christian Conservatives.

  • It's been an honor to play on Camille & Haley's music. The girls are just so talented and so full of joy in what they do. They sing with so much heart. All the best success to you both!" Phil Keaggy Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter

    "If you're looking for Haley & Camille, you've found 'em right here, but I ain't turnin' 'em loose! I want you to listen to their talents, Haley & Camille—and me!" Roy Clark Country Singer

    "Camille & Haley Harris are great artists, great singers, have a great attitude, and if you're interested in bringing them to your church, your event, your organization, they would do a phenomenal job. I recommend them and give them two thumbs up!" Paul Daugherty Pastor of Victory Christian Center

    "As soon as you started, seriously I don't know whatto say! You guys are so easy, look at those smiles! I mean, ridiculous! There's no attitude. You know what you remind me of? You remind me of the Everly Brothers, except you're the Everly Sisters." Tom Jackson Taylor Swift's Former Stage Producer

    "We'vegot a fantastic example of your [Rick Santorum's] new anthem, 'Game On', with patriotic lyrics-- references to God, the Constitution, and Ronald Reagan. What a catchy little number there, Senator!" Piers Morgan TV personality, British Journalist

    "Camille & Haley excel at both songwriting andperforming. I've seen them totally amaze audiences with their talents.
    Nashville is next!" Steve Feazel Standup Comedian

    "We were in Tulsa and they said, "Look, we've put this together", in you know, literally a 48-hour period of time after they had a chance to see me and were very excited about the message that I was delivering, so they went out and wrote a song, and produced it on the street corner." Senator Rick Santorum 2012 Presidential Candidate

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