• Being very goal-orientated,

    Camille's first 3 goals for every gig are:

    Honor God, Bless Audience, & make person who booked her look like a superstar for hiring her!


    8 Great Reasons

    To Book

    Camille Harris


    Here is what you can expect:




    Complete Professionalism

    With over a decade of experience, you can trust Camille to handle her part of a performance at your event as smoothly and professionally as humanly possible.



    Tailored Setlists

    Camille can curate customizable setlists to suit any audience or venue, picking the perfect songs to create an unforgettable experience. Political rallies, charity fundraisers, ministry concerts, private events, and festivals are all perfect matches for Camille.



    Stage Presence & Crowd Connection

    Camille has a natural charisma that allows her to connect with crowds of any size. She is very perceptive on reading a crowd while delivering either worship leadership or a concert experience. She'll have your audience engaged from start to finish.



    Captivating Original Songs

    As half of the Camille and Haley duo, she offers a songwriting smorgasbord of inspirational country-pop songs that uplift audiences. Her original compositions will give your concert a unique draw of melodies and messages you can't hear anywhere else.



    Positive Role Model

    Camille's wholesome image and faith-based songs provide a refreshing alternative in today's entertainment landscape. She consistently represents holiness, purity, and family values as a standard bearer on all of her social media. Introducing Camille to your constituency begins an online influence from her you will be blessed to begin.




    Powerhouse Vocals

    With her incredible 4-octave soprano range, Camille's lead vocals are sure to give you chills. Her voice soars effervescently to electrify your crowd's heartstrings.




    Rave Reviews & Viral Event Posts

    Camille wows crowds wherever she goes, garnering fantastic reviews for her energetic and uplifting live shows. She encourages her audience to share content from the event, which in turn further promotes your events in the future.




    Supporting Good Causes

    Camille regularly uses her music to raise awareness for causes close to her heart. Booking her supports an artist who cares.





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    Virtual Concert

    Zoom Livestream

    for youth groups & corporate events



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    Live Concert

    fitting into your planned event

    $2222 & up

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    for performance

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    Full Concert

    with Haley when possible

    $3888 & up

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