The Rocky Road Relaunching My Website

ISRC codes embedded. Hallelujah!

· the Journey

Oh friends, the journey of getting my website launched has been quite the
adventure! The enemy has thrown up roadblock after roadblock, but God keeps
giving me strength for each new task.

Just this week, I finally got all my album files converted to mp3s and sent off to
get ISRC codes embedded. Hallelujah! Now I'm waiting to hear back from my
studio guy Lewis about adjusting the volume on a couple songs. I tell you,
troubleshooting mixing issues takes patience and perseverance! But I know every
detail I polish is bringing me closer to releasing my best work yet for God's

I've also been researching how to assign my own ISRC codes, since buying them one
song at a time from a distributor gets expensive. It involves downloading audio
software and embedding metadata myself, which is a stretch for this
not-so-techie girl! But just like riding a bike, I figure I'll get the hang of
it after some wobbly starts.

Of course, nothing worthwhile comes easy. We creative types are prone to
perfectionism and paralysis, needing that extra nudge to complete a project.

But God is faithful through every hurdle. I'm reminded of Paul's words: "I can
do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13). He
already sees the finished work He destined me for, and is guiding me there one
faltering step at a time.

Soonward I press towards the goal! Each failure or delay only makes me more
determined to steward the gifts God's given me. My website launch may not be
perfect, but using it to bless others will make every hardship worth it in the
end. The rocky road is smoothing out as I keep my eyes fixed on Jesus!

- Camille