Pursuing Excellence, Not Perfection

· the Journey

Confession: We creative types must learn to balance excellence and efficiency! I
tend to obsess over every lyrical detail and production element, striving for
unattainable perfection. This pursuit of the ideal paralyzes progress.

As the saying goes, "Perfect is the enemy of done." All art involves
necessary compromise between vision and execution. At some point, we must call
it finished and release our work into the world.

My wise friend reminds me that even masterpieces have imperfections—a misprinted
paragraph, an extra song second. But we can always refine things post-launch.
Amazon allows authors to update Kindle books anytime. Spotify will eventually
add my albums, though likely not as fast as I desire.

God sees the completed work inside us and is helping us birth it one step at a
time. He is infinitely patient with our faltering progress. As children of God,
we "press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called
[us] heavenward in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 3:14). Our duty is faithful
stewardship of the gifts He's given us, not flawless performance.

So I will continue laboring over every musical detail, while also accepting
finished projects as "good enough for now." Done is better than
perfect. As I walk in God's grace and truth, He will refine my talents beyond
what I could achieve alone. My role is simply to create for His glory, leaving
the results to Him!

- Camille